EL INNOVATION AWARDS 2022 – General Information

  1. Eligibility Requirements
    • Being a Lottery Member of The European Lotteries (EL).
    • Every Lottery can submit up to four innovations.
    • The innovation must have been implemented between 2019 and 2022.
  2. Prizes
    • Top 10: Innovation Award certificate
    • Top 3: Trophy
      • Participation in the EL Innovation Seminar, 5-7 October 2022 in Milan for one representative
      • Hotel and flight for one representative
    • Winner: Participation in the EL/WLA Marketing Event 2023 for one representative
      • Hotel and flight for one representative
  3. Submission Procedure
    • Register your submissions on the website https://innovationaward.submit.to/
    • Submissions have to be in English.
    • Images must be in JPEG format with a resolution of 150 dpi and a size of approximately 1800X 1300 pixels (smaller sizes possible)
    • Movie files must not be longer than 90 seconds (we suggest to use format compatible with standard version of Windows Media Player) – Movie files in other languages than English must be translated and subtitled.
  4. Judging process
    • The jury will assess submissions against the criteria in point 5
    • The EL Innovation Award 2022 ceremony will be held during the EL Innovation Seminar in Milan from 5-7 October 2022.
    • The top 3 submissions will be awarded with a trophy during a special ceremony.
  5. Judging criteria and weighted score
    The overall score will be the weighted average of the below mentioned criteria. Please be aware of the character limit of 500 per question.
    • Innovation 30%
      • Is the concept / product / service new or a variation of an existing one in your company?
      • Please describe the process, how your company found the innovation. From the demand / need to the solution and the steps of the process.
    • Customer benefit 30%
      • Describe briefly the internal or external customer for this innovation (sales staff, young adults, retail customers…)
      • Is there a customer benefit regarding information, time, money, experience, responsible gaming etc? Please describe it.
    • Implementation / Communication 20%
      • Describe the communication strategy, tools and the process around the implementation (channels, advertising, events, social media, internal communication platforms etc.)
      • How did you implement the innovation in the company / market? Please describe the implementation process (processes, organisational structures, resources, implementation time…)
    • Execution and Impact 20% (Confidential, will not be shared and will only be available for the judges)
      • Please describe the impact of the innovation (new target groups were addressed, new markets found, contribution to environment and sustainability).
      • Give performance data if available (internal or external, sales data, reach, awareness, market research results, % of sales people educated, fans / likes generated, customer feedback etc.)
  6. Entry Fee
    • The entry fee is 500 Euros for the first submission
    • The fee for additional submissions is 250 Euros (4 submissions maximum)
    • Invoices are sent by the EL Office.
    • Entry fees must be received by close of business (CET) on August 31st, 2022.
    • Every submission is binding, any refund of the entry fee is excluded.
  7. Deadline for Submission
    • Submissions must reach the awards entry website by close of business (CET) on July 1st, 2022.
  8. Competition Law
    • All submitters have to respect the competition law principles.
    • The competition compliance declaration must be accepted, signed and sent to info@european-lotteries.org with subject line: “Innovation Award 2022 – competition compliance declaration”.